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Hartmann Schedel, 1493

Italy and Portugal

[both fanciful].


$ 285

Hartmann Schedel, 1493


[two fanciful views].




Lorenz Fries, 1522 (1525)

$ 450


Lorenz Fries, 1522 (1525)

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Battle of Fornovo, 6 July, 1495

(Parma, Italy)

Woodcut c1517; this strike c1550

Full-page woodcut from the Mer des histoires, c1550. A horizontal woodcut of the battle was included in the book in 1503, then replaced with this single full-page vertical woodcut.

The Battle of Fornovo, about 30 km southwest of Parma, took place on 6 July 1495. It was fought as King Charles VIII of France left Naples upon hearing the news of the grand coalition assembled against him. Despite the numerical advantage of their opponents, the French won the engagement and Charles was able to march his army out of Italy. It was nonetheless devoid of any strategic result as all of their conquests in the Italian Peninsula were abandoned.

The battel at Fornovo was the first major pitched battle of the Italian Wars. (-Wikipedia)



NAPLES, ISCHIA, and CAPRI (not labelled)

Bordone, 1528 (1534)

Bordone, 1528

Rare first issue of this leaf with two views of the area of Venice.

On verso: map. "Parte de Schiavonia"

$ 300


Bordone, 1528 (1534)

$ 200

Peter Apianus / Gemma Frisius


1544 / 1581

$ 45

London, with the costumes of its people

Carel Allard, engraved for the
Orbis habitabilis Oppida et Vestitus of 1695, this example corresponding to that issue.

Excellent. Very wide margins (not shown). Engraved area 8.5 x 11 / 22 x 28 cm.

$ 650